Latin and South America

Building resources for risk assessment decision-making: 

  • Based on connections via RISK21 and GRATC, two tools were developed to aid in pesticide residue data access and analysis

SENASA Pesticide Residue Tool: In-use by SENASA to help with decision-making; ongoing discussions to develop a peer-reviewed publication and case studies with other partners

USDA Pesticide Residue Tool: Prototype tool developed to demonstrate application of better tools to facilitate data access and analysis. Plans for demonstration and outreach with USDA & other stakeholders (e.g., TEA Committee)


  • Initial plans underway to co-develop a risk assessment course in partnership with the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil (Prof. Julio Navoni)
  • Several risk assessment courses are being planned via a partnership with the HESI RISK21 initiative

Additional activity and outreach in LATAM


  • Hosted 2 webinars for the African Continental Association for Food Protection
  • Ongoing discussions / partnership with CropLife Africa & Middle (CLAME) on risk assessment training initiatives for agrochemicals